Professional Track Lighting.


Conceived, designed and

produced with a desire for

design and a passion for light.


The Lystra way

Made in Sweden, all the way

We know great lighting makes all the difference, and

we are dedicated in creating solutions that reflects our

passion for long term quality. We design, develop and

produce in Sweden, because we care about every detail.

Products built with passion and based on experience.

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Functionality first

Because we base our solutions

on real needs

Because light makes

all the difference

Focused on light

Developed to last

Because we care about long-term quality and relationships

The Lystra Way

We are passionate about creating great products that last and solutions that makes a different. We call it The Lystra Way. Download the leaftlet below to read more.

The Lystra Way exemplified


On every LED chip there is a Tc-Temperature that is never to be exceeded. At Lystra we prefer to be on the safe side and choose to be 25 to 35 degrees below maximum ratings. This makes a great influence on the lifetime. We consider this to be of great importance for our long time promise.




The driver produce a current to drive the LED chip, Lystra typically use less than 50% of the maximum current rating. For best overall performance, lifetime and quality of light.




There is a general discussion in the business of LED lights concerning the flicker. At Lystra we always ensure to use flicker free drivers (<4%). We know the importance of this as it directly effects the well being of costumers as well as the staff. Furthermore it also assures cameras and scanners to perform as expected.